Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying to be Viral

Have you noticed how hard everyone is trying to be viral these days? It's almost oxymoronic to be deliberately viral. Do you agree?

Or maybe the annoying attempts that I've noticed recently are just bad, and it wouldn't matter if they were attempting to be traditional campaigns, they'd still be bad.

One that I found particularly annoying was a hand-written card that I received at my office with a url written on it:

No context, no nothing - like I've got that much time and I'm that curious to go to this web site. STUPID!!

And I see all kinds of companies doing this - putting some little tease out there, but not indicating what it's about and suggesting that people go to a web site to discover the big secret.

If you have connections on madison ave, can you please pass the word along that these campaigns suck?



mark said...

I'm curious and i do have the time. But it looks like the '' website is down now

Greg Wallace said...


maybe they read my blog and realized that it was a stupid idea...

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