Monday, August 6, 2007

Go Hybrid!

My sister is a smart cookie, for a Republican ;)

When she says stuff, I listen because she's thought it through, and is usually right. So, when she mentioned that she didn't think the economics of hybrid cars were going to make sense en masse for a long time, it got me thinking.

Being the geek I am, I decided to crunch some numbers to make up my own mind. You'll find it here:

Turns out, my dear sis was right and wrong. According to my analysis, gas would need to cost north of $10 per gallon to justify the price premium for a hybrid. But, the Fed's did something smart (in my view) and provide a tax credit to buyers of hybrid cars. With the credit factored in, with gas at anything above $2.80, you make out better with a hybrid. And, drivers of hybrids of course derive the all-important psychic benefits.

Quote of the day - 8/6/2007

"Servers are computers that process online transactions, host Web sites and run companies."
San Jose Mercury News

I and everyone else in the IT/computer/software business knows what this author means when they say that servers "run companies," but we're not the people who need to have explained to them what a server is. For the readers of this newspaper, if you don't know what a server is, don't go by this half-hearted joke of a definition. Rather, refer to Wikipedia

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Me Talking at BarCampRDU '06

Matt Frye is an excellent videographer. You can tell because I actually sound cogent and clear in this clip he recored at last year's BarCamp RDU...

Thanks Matt. I'll pay you later... ;)

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