Saturday, September 29, 2007


It's been sort of a slow start for the season for Barca. They just didn't play well at all in their first couple outings, and then Ronaldinho got hurt. But in last week's game against Zaragoza, which is a great side, Messi was fantastico. So was my personal favorite, Iniesta. But poor Henry, despite having like 4 really good chances, the Zaragoza keeper was always placed rigt to make the save.

In this week's game against Levante (which I haven't seen yet, but got the news on) Henry scored a hat-trick. One word: Oui!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

UNfortunately Madrid is winning also, with the help of the referees as usual.

Visca el Barça

Greg Wallace said...

que va passar amb Villareal? Tots cansats o que?

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