Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Which OSI license is best for NetDirector?

I need help figuring out which license to move NetDirector to. Right now, it's licensed under a modified MPL with attribution clause. I think I want to keep attribution, which would seem to rule out GPL and limit me to CPAL, or the newly approved MS-PL or MS-RL. You can see these at

But, I also observe that many commercial open source vendors have embraced GPL, both versions 2&3, notably SugarCRM, Zenoss, Red Hat...

Do I need attribution? Bear in mind that, unlike the above-mentioned vendors, I am not VC-backed. I think this makes attribution more important to me - but maybe not.


Update - November 12, 2007

I'm pretty much settled on moving everything that's out there today in the comunity (all the stuff that can be downloaded from SourceForge) to GPLv2. Maybe someday there will be "Enterprise" editions of NetDirector that will have some other license, but I think GPLv2 is the ay to go.

thanks to everyone who chimed in with thoughts - I appreciate it!


matt harrison said...

Would be interested in hearing more about why attribution is so important to you.

I would imagine that a dual-licensed commercial/GPL style app would be good for you. (ala mysql, alfresco)

Greg Wallace said...

good point. Here's my thinking. right now, our business is very much hand-to-mouth, that is, I don't have a lot of cash to invest in creating an enterprise version. so, while that is something I want to do, it's going to have to happen organically.

so, I fear that if I move everything that's out there today to GPL, someomne with deeper pockets will commercialize it out from under me.

Maybe I'm wrong about that...

Greg Wallace said...

The case has been made to me for Apache 2.0

what do folks think?

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