Thursday, November 8, 2007

Captain Underpants

No, this blog hasn't taken a raunchy turn. This is a funny story. My daughter is in Kindergarten at a magnet school in Raleigh, NC. The nice thing about it is that it has a really great curriculum, and she gets 45 minutes of Spanish instruction every day. Which is awesome in its own right, IMO, and its especially cool since I've got friends in Spain and Chile. On the downside, the school's a pretty good hike from the house - about 20 minutes door to door in car. But we just started putting Sarah on an express bus - o Joy!

So, my daughter is a really sweet girl, but, as her teacher put it recently in our parent teacher conference this week, she's a worrier. She gets a little up tight especially when she does new stuff. But it's weird, 'cuz she's really social and adventuresome, but whenever she has to do something new by herself, she gets a little worried.

So, taking the bus was a big leap for her - but she totally loves it now. After her first day when my wife picked her up at the bus stop after school, Sarah says "I heard a bad word." My wife was like "uh oh" so she told her, well, that's ok, that might happen, but if you repeat those words, you won't be able to ride the bus anymore. But she didn't ask her what word it was for fear of finding out. Finally, a couple days later, my wife gets up the courage to ask Sarah what the bad word was that she heard on the bus, to which Sarah said "Captain Underpants." LOL

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