Monday, December 31, 2007

NetDirector-enabled Scripts Requirements Document

We've been working with some ND users and prosepcts to refine the requirements for running users' own scripts through NetDirector. We'd love to know what you think!


Enable NetDirector users to upload, view, edit and run scripts through NetDirector. This provides the ability to schedule script actions, audit actions, and rollback actions.

  • Create New Script:
    • Text editor in ND to create scripts
    • or Pull scripts from another server
    • or browse local disk
    • Specify script name - this will show icon and script name
  • Assign scripts to servers using the standard ND server tree
  • Allow the ability to schedule the script to run using ND's calendar
  • Script action rollback acheived either through:
    • specifying files to backup before running script and restored through backup
    • and/or add a rollback script to undo the action - can write the rollback script in the editor, pull from another server or browse local disk
  • Need an icon that wil appear in the services pane
  • Future feature
    • workflow - specify multiple scripts in sequence

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