Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Democrats - Just Say No to Clinton's Brand of Cynicism

Man, this takes the cake. Hilary's lie that she was threatened by sniper fire in Bosnia is just plain cynical and ugly.

This is what dodging sniper fire actually looks like, Hilary. [update - if anyone had really dodged sniper fire, I doubt it's something they would forget, as hard as they may try]

Shame on you - oh, wait a minute - you have no shame. You will do or say ANYTHING to get elected. You know what, though - beyond what this lie tells us about how untrustworthy she is, to lie about something like this, where so many real people - young, old, moms, dads and kids - died and suffered - a lie like this shows an utter lack of respect for the heroism, suffering and loss that Bosnian's experienced in that awful conflict. Hilary needs to drop out of the race right now before she does any more damage to Democrat's chances. I'm going on the record (as if anyone cares :) if she gets the Democratic nomination, I'm voting for McCain - no brainer. Hell, McCain could pick Cheney to be Veep and I'd still vote for him over Clinton.

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Greg Wallace said...

this quip compliments of my wife - know what Hilary's new handle is?

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