Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SearchMe Baby

interesting that Sequoia Capital, which backed Google along with Kleiner, is behind SearchMe, which I have to say is freaking HOT looking!! I'll admit to being pretty ignorant to the machinations of VC firms, so like on one hand, Sequoia knows the search space, but on the other, do they really want to eat Google's lunch? I guess they made their money (understatement) with Google's IPO, so why not get back in?

So, quick look at Google's BOD, Kleiner is on there, as is Sherpalo, but no Sequoia, so no conflict, perceived or otherwise. In fact, in a quick look at Sequoia's web site, I didn't see any Public companies that their partners serve on. I wonder if that's a fund policy...would seem to make sense, maybe I'll explore this more in another blog

Anyway, back to SearchMe - I read about it this morning on techcruch, and went to their site. All I could do there was register for the beta, so I did. Then I saw this option to add their promotional video to my blog - I was like "as if!" why would I do that? (said as if this blog actually gets meaningful traffic :-| Then I watched the video, and, unlike the vast majority of promo videos, it was really well done, and SearchMe looks oh so cool. So I decided, what they hey, I'll throw this puppy up on Jocs Florals.

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