Friday, March 14, 2008

Spokeo - leaders in Spam

So, I feel like an idiot. I got completely hoodwinked into joining this social network aggregator called Spokeo, which despite being a cool idea, has resorted to spamming as a means to get the word out about themselves. Few things piss people off more than when a web site sends emails to their contact list without the person's EXPLICIT permission - maybe the reason they don't ask for that permission is because NO ONE would EVER grant it.

If you got an email saying that I was looking for you on Spokeo, I sincerely apologize. I have deactivated my account and sent Spokeo the following message explicitly forbidding them from sending any more emails to my contacts.

"I disactivated my account because I never knowingly agreed for you to send emails to my contacts.

I hereby forbid you from doing so."

to which I received the following confirmation: Your comment has been submitted. Thank you!

I am surprised that Mr. Kawasaki (scroll to bottom of page) would allow his name to be associated with a sleazy outfit like this.

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